Teachings of Sunrise

Theology (Biblical / Christian beliefs) matters to us at Sunrise Church. They define who we are as a church and how we teach and worship. However, we strive to teach the Bible so that it is approachable to people from a variety of different church and non-church backgrounds.
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Sunrise Church’s Beliefs and Core Values

Bible: The Bible is God’s inspired and authoritative Word, revealing his character and guiding us to respond to him in all of life. Therefore we will teach and equip people to obey the voice of God spoken through Scripture.

  • Humankind, Sin & Salvation: Created in God’s image, we were separated by our sin, but God restores our relationships and his creation through Jesus. Therefore we will respond with gratitude to God, loving our neighbors and proclaiming the Good News of Jesus to all.

  • Church: God gathers his Church to grow through worship, fellowship, making disciples and serving as he builds his Kingdom. Therefore we will through the mercy of Jesus, faithfully serve one another and invite & welcome others to him and the family of God.

  • Worship: Worship expresses grateful praise through Jesus in all of life as we serve to glorify our holy God for his renewing work. Therefore we will celebrate with joyful reverence as a gathered family of faith and a community sent out for service.

  • Prayer: Prayer connects us with God through Jesus, seeking to hear his voice and speaking our praise and requests, believing he will answer. Therefore we will listen expectantly and speak honestly to receive everything from our Father according to his will.