Worship at Sunrise

We are all called to worship our Creator!
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We believe that God has created all people to worship him. Reformed Christians believe, All of life is religion, therefore, worship is not something that only happens for one hour on Sunday, or only in a church sanctuary, but rather in everything we do. Thus, the goal of worship should not about a polished performance. Corporate worship at Sunrise Church is intended to be a blended expression of the diverse gifts God has given us that reflect the diverse cultures from whence he has brought us to himself. We believe that worship should be a blend of music which is both culturally relevant (contemporary) and historically honoring (traditional). Most of all, we believe that our worship to God should be focused on him, not upon ourselves, nor our preferences. Worship is about God, not us.

Each Sunday at Sunrise Church we sing a variety of songs with a variety of instruments in our worship band. In almost every service you will find a blend of traditional hymns and contemporary Christian music. You will certainly hear the public reading of scripture, preaching and prayer. You may also experience the Lord’s Supper, liturgical readings, baptisms, testimonies of faith, historical creeds and confessions or video presentations.